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Traveling Tips

Before Travel

  • Always compare the quoted price of your tentative travel plan together with suggested itinerary to ensure quality and hassle free travel arrangement.
  • Process valid air ticket, proper ground arrangement, passport, visa if applicable and sufficient pocket money to avoid any problems occurred during your travel.
  • Arrive at the airport at least two hours before flight departure.
  • Purchase right travel insurance to give you a peace of mind travel.
  • Always prepare a personal checklist to ensure all necessary belongings for the holidays are put in your luggage.

During Travel

  • Always respect different culture and rules for your visited place.
  • Purchase local mobile phone sim pack if available for easy connectivity
  • Do not join super cheap optional tours as there is always some hidden agenda behind it.
  • Always follow the instruction of your travel consultant to ensure your own safety during your trip.
  • Ensure your important belonging such as Passport and other travel documents are properly kept.
  • Always travel in group with at least 2 person a time and avoid walking alone especially during evening hour at quiet place.
  • Always keep in touch via mobile phone whenever you get lost in the crowded street or place of interest.
  • Spent your money wisely and using credit card to pay if applicable. Always check the amount printed on the payment slip to avoid argument.
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